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Ambivalent Motherhood is Okay: Read new article by Elise Loehnen

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Elise Loehnen writes in recent New York Times article about her mother's ambivalence to motherhood and how that impacted her upbringing.


Several years ago, I had coffee with a colleague to discuss her writing class in the DC jail.

In one of her students' essays, a memoir, the author wrote, "My Mom was addicted to her life."

These words have stayed with me--I am addicted to my life. Who isn't? And yes, I am a mother. But, as Elise Loehnen says in "The Lies Mothers Tell Their Children and Themselves," "You can love your kids deeply and hate being a mom. You can hold your children to the bone and still proclaim how sucky it is to be a female parent, in America at least..."


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