Read an Excerpt of 'It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint' by Vanessa Corcoran

Read this excerpt from Vanessa Corcoran's new book It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint, discussing mothering during the pandemic.


Vanessa Corcoran is an advising dean at Georgetown College. During her time at Georgetown, Vanessa has helped hundreds of students balance their intellectual, social, and activist careers at the University.

In It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint, as author Alexi Pappas says, "Vanessa's story is exactly what we need more of in the world today: it's a personal, honest, and brave account of struggling with - and overcoming - depression, and will surely inspire others to embrace their own mental health growth."

In this excerpt, she offers an account of mothering during Covid; her daughter, Lucy, was born at the beginning of the pandemic.