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Elizabeth Velez Featured on 'Designated Drinker Show'

Elizabeth joins Louise Salas and Gina Chersevani on Designated Drinker Show to discuss motherhood, the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, and Rosemary's Baby.


Part 1: They say progress is impossible without change. And change is something Elizabeth Velez knows all too well. At the height of the Civil Rights Movement she moved from the Deep South to NYC. And then things got interesting. Today, she’s a professor at Georgetown University, writer, journalist, feminist, and occasional poet living in the DC area who has been fighting for women’s issues since the 1960s. And with so much work still to be done in this arena with the recent overturning of Roe, she’s not about to stop now.

Part 2: If you’ve seen Rosemary’s Baby, you know it is a very disturbing movie. But are you familiar with its analysis as a story of patriarchy’s disempowerment and control of women? In part two of our talk with Elizabeth Velez we discuss how she utilizes this movie’s message in her teachings at Georgetown University. Our cultural analysis of motherhood and social justice can get a little fiery at times, but it’s cooled off nicely with a refreshing cocktail from Gina.



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